Social-Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan

  • Name: Kyrgyzstan sotsial-demokratiyalyk partiyasy /Social-Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan
  • Year founded:1994
  • Ideology: allegedlly is a social-democrat party, but it is closer to liberalism.
  • Leader and functions: Almazbek Atambayev
  • Numbers of seats in Parliament:  26.                                                                 
  • En el gobierno o en la oposición tras las últimas elecciones: In the government, party members are occupying both the Presidency (Almazbek Atambayev) and the post of Prime Minsiter (Zhantoro Satybaldiyev).
  • Legal Status: Legal political party.
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  • Observations: Currently, is the most influential party in Kyrgyzstan as it controls the presidency, leads the coalition of government and also the Mayor of the capital, Bishkek, belongs to this party. Therefore, it could be said that this party has been the winner of the battle for power after Bakiyev ouster in 2010, at least so far.