Ata-Meken Socialist Party (Fatherland)

  • Name:Ata-Meken /Fatherland.
  • Year founded: 1992
  • Ideology: Social democrat.
  • Leader and functions: Omurbek Tekebaev
  • Number of seats in parliament:    18                                                               
  • En el gobierno o en la oposición tras las últimas elecciones: Currently Ata-Meken  takes part of the coalition government along to SDPK and Ar-Namys parties.
  • Legal Status: Legal party.
  • Link:
  • Observations: The party has observer status in the Socialist International.  The Ata-Meken socialist party is one of the oldest political parties in the country. It broke away from the Erkin Kyrgyzstan party in 1992, positioning itself as a more centrist and liberal party. From 1994, the party was headed by Omurbek Tekebaev, a prominent opposition leader from the South who ran for the presidency in 1995 and 2000 (coming second to Akaev in 2000). After the 2005 Tulip Revolution Tekebayev was elected Speaker of Parliament, but left the post in February 2006. Again after the 2010 April´s Revolution in 2010 he was then responsible for constitutional reforms and played a major role in promoting the new constitution. However, Tekebayev was blamed for being in collusion with the ethnic Uzbek community leader Kadyrjan Batyrov, who was accused by some of fomenting the June 2010 events in Osh. These accusations made lost much of the supprot tothe party in the Southener regions.