Ata-Jurt (Motherland)

  • Name: Ata-Jurt - Motherland.
  • Year founded:2006
  • Ideology: Ethno-nationalism and right-wing.
  • Leader and functions: Kamchibek Tashiev.
  • Number of seats in parliament:      28.                                                             
  • Although Ata Jurt was the party which received the most votes, it was not offered to lead the government coalition. Eventually Ata Jurt for a period of time joined the government coalition, but at this present time they are in the opposition.
  • Legal Status: Legal party.
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  • Observations: The party has gathered some of the prominent members of Bakiev‟s elite and positions itself as the opposition to the current regime. The presence of Ata-Jurt was noticed in Osh during the ethnic clashes in June. According to official statements, party members intervened as negotiators in order to bring two communities to peace. According to other sources, Tashiev‟s armed people were protecting ethnic Kyrgyz against ethnic Uzbeks. According to local Uzbeks, Tashiev was directly involved in organizing the ethnic clashes. However, in the light of the inefficiency / absenteeism of central authorities (provisional government), this was perceived by the local population as a patriotic act and helped Ata-Jurt gain more support. During the fall of 2012, Tashiev tried to take the parliament by force. The attempt ws unsuccesful and he was sentence yo one year and half in jail along to two  other Ata Jurt leaders. Finally, after several weeks of protests in the South, the court released Tashiev on May 17 2013.