Ar-Namys (Dignity)

  • Name: Ar-Namys (Dignity).
  • Year founded: 1999.
  • Ideology: Conservative and promoters of a multiethnic society.
  • Leader: Feliks Kulov
  • Number of seats in Parliament:   25                                                                
  • Currently in government or in opposition: Currently joins the coalition of government.
  • Legal Status: Legal party
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  • Observations: The party leader Felix Kulov has lost some credibility after the 2005 revolution for his perceived indifference to the political life. After serving as Prime Minister he was effectively side-lined by the Bakiev regime. In the mid-September 2011 the Ar Namys parliamentary party faction has decided to replace Kulov as its leader in the legislature. It has support from Russia’s ruling party Edinaya Rossiya (United Russia).