Electoral System

General Features

Participation in the electoral process is based on the iranian constitution (article 6), altought divine sovereignty is recognized as the only source legitimacy. The electoral system is flexible and complicated, in theory and practice. As a result, there are regular controversies after the election.

There are not political parties. Its position is replaced by informal asociations ad hoc in every election. Candidates are individuales and they are accepted by Guardian Council. Citizienship who are elder than 18 years old can vote. The ballot is written, writing the name of the candidate, and using the informal list as a reference. There is not a register or censos. Consequently, people vote in the circumscription where they are at the moment of the election. The ID card is marked with a seal that avoids a double votation, although guarantees are not great.

Campaign last twenty days to the presidential election and eight to the others. Television propaganda is not allowed, nor in official newspapers, altough party-newspapers are allowed.


Elective Institutions