Cabinet mulls scenarios to face FM’s grilling

Kuwait Times
Publication date: 
May 17 2015

The Cabinet will discuss during its next meeting a grilling filed by MP Abdulhameed Dashti against First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah, and has two opinions to choose from. The debate of the grilling will not take place because it is not constitutional, government sources said, adding that the government can ask to send it to the legislative committee or ask for a direct vote on it to drop it. A similar scenario happened in the case of a grilling filed by former MP Riyadh Al-Adasani against His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak at the start of the current National Assembly term.

Oil sector On another topic, the sources said “the appointments of oil sector officials that were approved by Oil Minister Ali Al-Omair will be frozen and will not go through the Cabinet”. They said the appointments will be discussed at the Supreme Petroleum Council under the chairmanship of the premier, adding that the decision will take its time. Sources said Omair will present the reasons for his appointments and his opinion about the leaders he wants replaced. MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi warned Omair that his “excellent political and moral history will not rescue” him over the replacements in the oil sector, “the only wealth in the country after that of human assets”. “When I talk to you as a representative of the nation, my professional history comes from the oil sector that you head today, and you are attempting, with known political agendas, to influence to change the sector’s structural features and are attempting to promote it to the government in a way that is clear to the experienced and those aware of partisan plans and ideologies,” Tamimi charged.

Three sides Tamimi said there are three clear sides of Omair’s policy in this sector. “The first is the ‘strategic alternative’ which you are working hard with the government to impose on the oil sector and you will not succeed as long as we remain enjoying the people’s confidence. The second is the agenda that is being prepared for execution to change the sector’s hierarchy and promote ideologues, who you know well who they are. The third is what you are seeking through the reshuffling of leaders - placing the second line in command in the sector’s companies,” added Tamimi. Meanwhile, Kuwait Oil Corporation (KOC) asked directors of its companies to stop financial payments on the proposed operational items that were mentioned in the third paragraph of a letter to the finance ministry on KPC’s budget. They said the stoppage includes sharing in success rewards, gifts and awards for veteran workers, spring camps and health clubs


By A Saleh