One-vote system violates unions’ law: Minister

Kuwait Times
Publication date: 
May 11 2015

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Subaih said mandating unions to hold their elections according to the onevote system would be a violation of the international treaty concerning unions’ liberty. Responding to a parliamentary inquiry, Subaih said international treaty number 87/1984 that Kuwait signed pertaining unions’ and syndicates’ liberty prevents authorities from interfering in labor unions’ and syndicates’ affairs. She added that unions’ affairs are regulated by the foundation charter approved by the founders and general assembly members.


New areas

Municipal council members Nayef Al-Sour and Hassan Kamal filed inquiries about environmental and health studies for new residential areas, especially since the Municipal Council has been allocating sites to build new residential projects to the south and north over the past few years. Both members inquired whether relevant state establishments had conducted the needed environmental studies to make sure such sites are safe for would-be residents. Meanwhile, Municipal Council member Abdullah Al- Kandari suggested building a footbridge between Jabriya and Bayan over the Fifth Ring Road where traffic is very heavy and it is dangerous for pedestrians to cross. Separately, Municipal Council member Ali Al- Moussa suggested placing more signs and boards showing the roads leading to Saad Al- Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah terminal.


Fishermen union hail meeting

Kuwaiti Fishermen Union’s secretary Hassan Al-Sebaghah highly commended the results of the meeting held at the Kuwait Ports Authority on an invitation from its director Sheikh Yousef Al-Sabah. The meeting included members of the committee formed by the Cabinet to regulate bans and supervise marinas, who discussed closing down Shamlan marina according to Cabinet decision number 3/2004 pertaining considering all marinas within Kuwait Bay traditional ones where fishermen are not allowed to dock. Accordingly, the meeting discussed finding alternate places for fishermen in order to help them haul in daily catches to help control fish prices.


During the meeting, the ports authority suggested moving all fishing boats, especially those allocated for shrimp fishing that have to dock for over six months during the shrimp fishing ban season, to Doha port after preparing it to receive 150-170 boats in addition to sending 50 boats to Al-Kout marina in Fahaheel. Sebaghah added since the shrimp fishing season was near (Aug 1-Jan 15), it was agreed that boats would only enter marinas to unload their catch and get fuel and supplies needed per fishing trip. He added that further meetings would be held over the coming few days to come up with solutions that are satisfactory to all parties, secure seafood supplies and fully respect the marine environment. In addition, Sebaghah demanded providing a small workshop to fix fishing boats malfunctions before the fishing season starts, in addition providing the needed spare parts that are currently being imported from the UAE


By Meshaal Al-Enezi