Bosnia Federation Minister Denies Guilt for Car Accident

Balkan Insight
Publication date: 
Feb 07 2013

Interior Minister Predrag Kurtes on February 6 said he was not to blame for a January 28 car accident in the Marijin Dvor area of Sarajevo, when a Ministry car hit another vehicle.

“No one can determine any facts or make any decisions without the courts,” Kurtes said on Wednesday. “I calmly await the decision of the Sarajevo magistrates court because I know I am not guilty.”

The daily Oslobodjenje reported on Wednesday that the Sarajevo Cantonal police had filed charges against both Kurtes and the other driver, Amina Hadzic, thus confirming that Kurtes had driven the car, not one of his staff.

Federation entity Prime Minister Nermin Niksic said on Wednesday that if the court proved Kurtes drove the car and then ran away after the accident, he would no longer be able to serve as a minister.

Media reports said that surveillance cameras showed Kurtes was at the scene at the time and that the footage would be used in investigations.

After the accident, Kurtes initially denied having been there at all, although the driver of the other vehicle, Hadzic, and another girl who was with her, both said they recognized him.


Elvira M. Jukic