Bosnian Serb Entity Gets Woman Prime Minister

Balkan Insight
Publication date: 
Feb 28 2013


President Dodik named Zeljka Cvijanovic as prime minister-designate of Republika Srpska on Wednesday.

Earlier, the Republika Srpska Assembly accepted the resignation of the cabinet of Aleksandar Dzombic in which Cvijanovic had served as minister of economic relations and regional cooperation. Cvijanovic is seen as one of Dodik's closest associates.

Dzombic tendered his resignation, saying no longer enjoyed the support of Dodik and his ruling Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, SNSD.

According to the opposition, Dzombic was removed because he no longer carried out Dodik's orders unconditionally.

Cvijanovic, born in 1967, graduated in English language and literature in Sarajevo, and earned her master's degree at the Banja Luka Law School in diplomatic and consular law.

She has worked as an English language teacher and translator, as assistant to the EU Mission to Bosnia, as chief of the Republika Srpska prime minister's office and as chief of the EU Integration and Coordination Unit.

Cvijanovic said that she would propose her cabinet and its programme soon, adding that the names of new ministers were already known to her.

"The difficult times we live in and the crisis will require increased initiative. Strategic plans have to be combined with targeted measures," she said, accepting the appointment.  

She also said that the former government had done a good job in difficult circumstances.  

The appointment of the new cabinet must be confirmed by the entity parliament. Dodik's SNSD holds 37 of the 83 seats. Together with its governing coalition partners, holding another eight seats, they have a majority.


Ratka Babic