Premier of Canton Sarajevo submits Resignation Letter after Government’s Dismissal

Sarajevo Times
Publication date: 
Mar 27 2018

Premier of Canton Sarajevo (CS) Elmedin Konakovic submitted the resignation letter on Monday in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) capital Sarajevo, a week after the dismissal from the CS government, local media reported Monday. The resignation letter that thanked for the former cooperation was submitted to the Chairman of Canton Sarajevo Assembly Ana Babic.

“I use the opportunity to thank you for the good cooperation done so far and to wish you a successful work in the future” Konakovic wrote shortly in the resignation letter.

The resignation was a result of Konakovic’s dismissal from Canton Sarajevo Government last week and his quitting from one of the major parties in BiH, Party of Democratic Action (SDA). In an interview for the local media Konakovic said that he pointed out on several occasions on the mismanagement of public enterprises by SDA party, and on alleged corruption. Konakovic mainly criticized the work of public enterprises dealing with water supply and transportation.

“It is not good for public enterprises to be governed in this way…it costs  residents of BiH much because local powerful people use the enterprises as their private assets,” Konakovic said.

Konakovic was dismissed from the Canton Sarajevo Government with 20 votes for dismissal, 3 against and 11 reserved.

Several days ago, Konakovic launched a new political party called People and Justice. The former basketball player and former director of BiH national basketball team entered politics in 2004, and after the general elections in BiH in March 2015, Konakovic was appointed a premiere of Sarajevo Canton.

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