Lebanon elects a new Parliament: A breakdown of divisions, winners and losers

May 17 2022
L'Orient Today

Official results are in for Lebanon’s legislative elections, with the incoming Parliament set to be a contested one: Hezbollah and its allies have failed to retain their majority, while the withdrawal of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s Future Movement opened the path for a re-shuffling of the rest of the establishment in Parliament, with opposition figures now holding a bloc in parliament.

‘Ballot box revolution’: Lebanon holds parliamentary elections

May 15 2022
Al Jazeera

Lebanon holds parliamentary elections on Sunday while reeling from an economic crisis that has pushed more than three-quarters of the population into poverty.

Some 3.9 million eligible voters will select their preferred representatives among 718 candidates spread across 103 lists in 15 districts and 27 subdistricts, an increase from 597 candidates and 77 lists in 2018.

Lebanese expatriates vote in parliamentary elections

May 08 2022
Al Jazeera

Beirut, Lebanon – Lebanese expatriates have begun casting their votes in Lebanon’s parliamentary elections, almost three years into a crippling economic crisis that has decimated the Lebanese pound, sparked unprecedented inflation, and pushed thousands of people to leave the country.

Lebanese expats living in 10 countries – including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and Iraq – will vote on Friday, while the diaspora living in 48 other countries will vote on Sunday.

Lebanese citizens at home will vote on May 15.

Lebanon's ruling parties announce candidates for parliamentary elections

Mar 03 2022
Arab News


  • The cost of holding elections is estimated at $15.5 million
  • Nearly 3.97 million voters will partake in the upcoming ballot, including about 225,000 overseas voters 

BEIRUT: Lebanese parties have been rushing to submit their candidacies for the upcoming parliamentary elections to the Ministry of Interior with the deadline for registration, March 15, soon approaching.

Hezbollah Supporters Intensify Threats against Opponents ahead of Lebanon's Elections

Feb 25 2022
Asharq Al-Awsat

Supporters of the Hezbollah party in Lebanon have increased their threats against opponents through social media ahead of the May parliamentary elections.


The latest threat was against Lebanese University professor Bassel Saleh.


Threats are often made ahead of elections, but this year they take on a new edge given that the polls are taking place after the 2019 popular revolt against Lebanon's ruling class.


Lebanon's Interior Ministry sets 2022 parliamentary elections for May

Dec 27 2021
The New Arab

Lebanon’s Interior Ministry announced on Monday that its 2022 parliamentary elections would be held on May 15, rather than the previously set date of 27 March.

The decree still needs Lebanese President Michel Aoun and PM Najib Mikati’s signature before it goes into force.

The 2022 elections will be the country’s first since its 2019 uprising, when tens of thousands of people took to the street to demand an end to the corrupt governance that has characterized the country for decades.

Lebanon forms new government

Sep 10 2021
al Monitor

The formation of a new government led by Prime Minister Najib Mikati brings to an end a 13-month gridlock in Lebanon.

Lebanon’s leaders have formed a new government, ending the political stalemate that has gripped the country since the Beirut port explosion more than a year ago. 

Lebanon's Tripoli protests reach new levels of violence

Jan 28 2021

Gunfire rattled across Tripoli late into Wednesday night, as anti-lockdown protests in the northern city reached new levels of violence.


Demonstrators clashed with security forces across the city in the third consecutive night of unrest this week, leaving dozens injured.


A mob of several hundred young men tried to storm the city’s Serail, the seat of local government, battering down the main gate and tossing Molotov cocktails on to the building’s roof.


Lebanon PM Diab govt resigns in wake of Beirut blast

Aug 10 2020
Daily Star

BEIRUT: Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced the resignation of his government Monday, almost one week after the devastating blast that tore through the capital, and as political and popular pressure mounted.

“I announce the resignation of my government ... May God protect Lebanon,” Diab said during a televised address to the Lebanese.

“The system of corruption is greater than the state,” Diab said, adding that "one of the examples of corruption exploded at the Beirut Port.”

18% of Syrians Married Before 19 in Lebanon

May 29 2019
A recent study of early marriage among Syrian refugees in south Lebanon has found that around 18 percent of women in those communities are married by the age of 19.
In the sample of 1,625 adolescent girls and 893 adult women surveyed, about 14 percent were married before the age of 18, researchers found.
While the majority of those had married at the age of 16 or above, researchers spoke to some girls who had married as young as 11, and one girl who had been married, divorced and remarried by the age of 15.

As Lebanon leaders talk austerity, protesters cry ‘thieves!’

May 10 2019

Dozens of Lebanese military and security veterans burned tires and shouted angrily outside government offices on Friday, their second protest in less than two weeks amid fears a proposed austerity budget may affect their pensions and benefits.

The protesters gathered in downtown Beirut as ministers met to discuss a budget bill that aims to cut public spending and tackle a national debt that stands at more than 150% of GDP. They denounced leaked reports of cuts to their pensions, calling on the government to address corruption instead.